Software grows - like a plant. It constantly has to adapt to changes of the environment. We guide the evolution of software by applying agile best practices.

Fullstack Web Development

We are your experts in React, Redux, Node.js, MongoDB and Docker based in Zurich. As a small and efficient team of passionate web developers we help you to build your products and implement your ideas.


Additional Skills

We also like
Ruby Ruby on Rails Java Amazon Web Services

Who we are

Andi Schacke

Andi is a passionate and pragmatic software developer. He loves to code web apps with React and Rails.

Stefan Lüchinger

Stefan loves to create new things for the web. He is an agile and polyglot programmer. Javascript and Rails are his "best friends".

We are codeplant. We grow software.

codeplant GmbH | Trümmlenweg 7 | 8630 Rüti